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Short Term Medical Plans

Short Term Medical

UnitedHealthCare short term medical plans can help bridge the gap in coverage if you must wait until the next Open Enrollment, are waiting for other coverage to begin, are between jobs, have retired early, or just graduated college. There are eight plans available to choose from in Florida.

A Choice of Coverage to Fit Your Specific Needs

You select the coverage term length (minimum of 30 days; maximum of 364 days), then choose your deductible and coinsurance to fit your budget. Once you meet your deductible, you pay a percentage of covered expenses (coinsurance) to the coinsurance out-of-pocket maximum amount you selected. Then insurance pays 100% of the remaining covered expenses to the lifetime maximum benefit.

UnitedHealthCare Choice Network Advantages

Receive quality care at reduced costs because the network providers have agreed to lower fees for covered expenses. The large network of doctors and hospitals offer choices across the nation, so even when your traveling, you’re likely to find in-network care. You must use a network doctor or hospital. These plans pay no benefits for out-of-network expenses except for emergencies.

UnitedHealthCare Short Term Medical Plans Brochure

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These plans are not Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant